Art Island Naoshima

Naoshima Island is a small fishing island located in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. The Benesse Corporation (one of the largest education companies in Japan) commissioned a series of very unique museums and buildings on the island featuring designs by Tadao Ando, James Turrell, Walter De Maria, and paintings by Claude Monet. In addition to this stunning architecture, there are a group of 6 art installations build in traditional houses/areas. It was an amazing experience being on the island, inspiring and quite mysterious.

3 thoughts on “Art Island Naoshima

  1. Rulo

    Looks like a nice trip!!!!!!!!!
    Wanna visit there too!!! we should organize a trip for the future… somehere in japan, what do you think?? “Bad idea Rulo, I ll never travel with you”…
    See you!


    ps, yesterday I rewatch “rennaissance”, the french anymation movie, did you watch it? Have a look, have some really cool part.

  2. eric

    Thanks Rulo! It was definately ふしぎ!There are so many really interesting places for photography.

    Ya, about traveling together, I see you already understand. hahaha just kidding!! But seriously Ill never travel with you.

  3. ayako

    Oh~~~you guys had a fun,huh~!?
    I had no irea about Naoshima,looks very ふしぎ!!
    What is that kinda looks like かぼちゃ???


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