Kyoto Rain

Some photos from today’s downpour. I was shooting in raw format today with my point-and-shoot Canon S70 camera. I needed a fast shutter speed to capture the rain clearly, as a result the photos were quite under exposed. When I brought up the levels, it revealed some nice grain texture and unexpected colours. Check out the full sized images to see the texture and rain drops close up.

7 thoughts on “Kyoto Rain

  1. Andreas

    Really nice ones, Eric! Thanks for posting!

    Reminds me a bit of my time in Vietnam, especially Hoi An, where the sky was similarily dramatic.
    Ahh, wants to make me travel again…

  2. BAck Alley Adams

    Hey dude! Jeeze that looks like a heck of a storm! I thought their would be more ninja’s though. 😉

  3. Paula

    Nice! I especially like the splashing rain drops, the red light in the dark street with contrasting greenish sky, and the reflected orange and pinks sky. The very first one is a cool shot too. I think its awesome how the colors came out! Well done. What a great photo opp.!

  4. Leyland

    Incredible shots, Eric. Each picture is unique and the grainy texture makes them that much more visually appealing.

  5. dennis jones

    Good stuff dude, I love the first one with the purple sky. By the way, I had a brilliant time in Tokyo and Korea. Hope your enjoying yourself. DJ


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