Have You Seen Mr. P?

Title: Have you seen Mr. P?
Graduation Thesis Project, 2003
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
Mixed Medium Short Animation

[flv:http://www.eric-bates.com/doraemon/wp-content/uploads/video/Eric_Bates_MrP.flv 585 439]

For my graduation thesis at the Emily Carr Institute of Art I created a short animation, 5 minutes in length, using a mix of animation techniques. This short story follows the journey of a young man looking for his lost cat in the forest. Throughout this animation I wanted to explore the concept of consumption in an abstract way.

I had also researched how perspective drawing was used in traditional animation and incorporated some of these ideas into the animation. The backgrounds were drawn and painted on paper; some of them over two meters in length, and the characters were created using computer animation. I wanted to create a seamless blend between these two very different animation techniques. I also worked with musicians to create and record the music used throughout the short animation. Have you seen Mr. P? was shown at film festivals in Toronto and Vancouver.

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