Experimental Short, 8.5 minutes
Dir. Eric Bates

A short story about a young spark, on a journey to fulfill his dream of joining the fireworks.

This was my first project after coming to the Kyoto University of Art in 2008. I wanted to experiment with techniques and do something I hadn’t done before. There are a few techniques that I began using here that even made it into my graduation film. So it’s pretty exciting to see the progression, and how unexpected ideas can be a big influence on later works.

I also got to meet two really great bands, Nabowa and →Pia-no-jaC← that were kind enough to let me use their music.

This was screened at the Pictoplazma Festival in Berlin, and at Open Studio at the Kyoto University of Art.

Drawn Animation
-Eul Noh
-Narae Park

-Juhyun Lim

Fabric Assembly
-Fusako Murakami
-Yumiko Yamauchi

Dr. Sparks Design
-Judy Umana

“River” by Nabowa
Courtesy of Mogie/Bud Music inc

“Kumikyoku” by Hayato
Courtesy of Shinko Music Ent./JASRAC

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