Peace Show

These are some preliminary sketches, studies and motion doodles for our Peace exhibit in October. This is a joint project between Yasu Suzuka, Judy Umana, and myself. The theme is Peace, however our idea is about how easily peace can be broken through distraction. Our professor Suzuka Sensei has become the character for this project, so in these sketches, various symbols of peace will disrupt his meditation.

The elephant is a symbol of peace in Thailand. These animations were drawn in Flash. Thanks Victor for the tips!!
[flv: 585 329]

In many parts of the world the dove is a symbol of peace (but just like it’s dirty cousin, the pigeon, it won’t hesitate to poop on you).
[flv: 585 329]

A couple of pages from my sketch book. Here are some quick dove drawings.

4 thoughts on “Peace Show

  1. eric

    Hey Thanks Jeff! Ya, this is my first stab at using flash. I definitely need to practice. But using flash seems way faster than drawing animation on paper. I’m thinking it might be fun to do rough animation in flash, print it out, and do all the clean up drawings with actual paper and pencil.

  2. Mikey


    i came across your flash animation of the doves and i wondered if you have any other images of doves as i am looking to have my next tattoo and was fond of this sketchy drawings portraying this movement in the dove.

  3. eric

    Hi Mikey,
    Sorry, I don’t have any extra dove sketches other than these. Feel free to use them for your tattoo if you wish! Send me a picture of your tattoo when You decide on something!
    Good luck!


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