Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons.Well_I_finally_made_it out to see Meet The Robinsons. I have to say I was completely surprised with how fun this movie was. Having lost interest in Disney animation in general, I was shocked at how good this film was. It was great to see a story with some oddball charisma and a touch of surrealism. The performance of the Bowler Hat Guy was so `out there` you couldn’t help but watch every movement with eagle eyes. The animation really felt acted though, as if the animators actually got up from their computers and figured out the movements, rather than relying on animation clichà ©s. I will definitely be buying the DVD to watch frame by frame!! The other thing that impressed me was that this film was in 3D. I was expecting it to be a bit gimmicky, but it really enhanced the story. Over all it was like looking into the screen as if it were a stage, rather than things annoyingly popping out toward the viewer. I was quite inspired by this film and its great to see Disney taking some creative risks!!

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