Sayonara… 3D Anaglyph

Sayonara… 3D Anaglyph
Experimental Short, 1min 10sec

This takes place a few moments after Charles and his friend say goodbye.

Based on my short film “Sayonara” this is a short experimental animation to explore various stereoscopic techniques. I used drawn animation, painting, cg animation, and video recorded using a Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereoscopic camera.

A behind the scenes look at using the Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereoscopic camera.

Directed by
Eric Bates

Puppeteer/ Sound Editing

Sky Paintings
Yuki Murabayashi

Lacquer Transfer Textures
Judith Umana

Motion Tracking Assistant
Jeon Tae Hwan

3D Stereo Consultant
Masayoshi Arimoto
Taisei Enterprise

Media Services
Kasuo Hirose
Kazuyoshi Tsuji
Shineisha Company

Special Thanks
Ayumi Bates

Yasu Suzuka
Hirokazu Sato
Masahiro Kashima
Robert Borland
Kyoto University of Art

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