Smart Camden Hostel

Its 1:30 AM here in London. I had a nap today, so I don’t think I can sleep now. My hostel room is pretty lively, Italians I think. I arrived on Thursday, which was such a long day. I had a good sleep and was out on Friday looking for an apartment. Spent the whole day searching. The first place I saw was pretty discouraging. So small and dirty, old food still in the fridge, spilled bug poison on the stained carped next to the urine coloured mattress. Slowly over the day, the places started looking livable. My last stop, was a flat share owned by an Australian couple. It was the cleanest, nicest place Id seen all day. So I took it. Hopefully I can get moved in on Monday after work. Well its 1:38 now, and I’m not sure if or when I can get to sleep.

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